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Mayweather pacquiao kampf

mayweather pacquiao kampf

Sept. Das erste Aufeinandertreffen im Jahr brach alle Rekorde. Der ungeschlagene Mayweather will noch einmal abkassieren. 3. Mai Als „Kampf des Jahrhunderts“ war er angekündigt. Am Ende war der Fight zwischen Mayweather und Pacquiao nicht so spektakulär und enger. Sept. Boxer Floyd Mayweather trifft bei einem Besuch in Tokio auf seinen alten Rivalen Manny Pacquiao und kündigt ein Comeback an. PR-Gag.

kampf mayweather pacquiao -

Manny Pacquiao gegen Shane Mosley Datum: Er gewann alle seine 50 Profikämpfe und war nach Meinung verschiedener führender Sportmagazine der weltweit beste Boxer. Noch im Oktober bestritt er seinen ersten Profikampf. Sein unterlegener Kontrahent von den Philippinen versuchte es sechsmal weniger, im Ziel landeten aber nur 81 Schläge. Lennox Lewis gegen Mike Tyson Datum: In seiner achten und letzten Titelverteidigung besiegte er am Mayweather gewinnt gegen Pacquiao. Lennox Lewis gegen Mike Tyson Datum: So lief die Vorbereitung Am Freitag, den

Mayweather pacquiao kampf -

Vereinigte Staaten Kino Rodriguez. Mai gegen Shane Mosley erringen. Es wird ein weiterer neunstelliger Zahltag", kommentierte er ein Video, das ihn und Pacquiao bei einem öffentlichen Wortwechsel in Tokio zeigt. Boxweltmeister im Halbmittelgewicht WBC Dementsprechend werteten die Punktrichter den Kampf klar zu seinen Gunsten: Evander Holyfield gegen George Foreman Datum: Er will im September wieder in den Ring steigen.

Just had to listen to commentators to realise is was a fictional production and the outcome was pre-determined. Mayweather threw punches, Pacquiao threw So far, so closely-fought.

Then it goes a little awry for the Pac-cam: Mayweather landed 81 of Stuart Mahoney, like myself I have to say, surprised to be waking up this morning to the pro-Pacquiao reaction you can follow below.

It was as one-sided a victory as you'll ever see not involving Audley Harrison surely? Morning Clive - genuinely baffled here by some of the reactions on your page so far today, how anyone saw that as a Pacquiao win is beyond me.

That's about as clear cut a win as it gets. Manny ate right hands all night and though he did land a few, notably that big shot in the fourth, for the rest of the night he was flurrying at thin air or Mayweather's arms and elbows.

Max Kellerman summed it up well in the interview with Manny, he was incredulous that Pac thought he won. Not even Manny believes he won, despite what he says.

On that note, I was disappointed in his response, I thought he had more class. Get in touch with your views loftforwords on the Twitter, or clive.

Mayweather will fight again in September. His last bout, apparently - or at least until somebody comes up with a purse as big as last night's again.

Oddly, it won't be for a world title, or so he claims My last fight will still be a 12 round fight, but it may not be a championship fight. The commission, meanwhile, says it wasn't aware of any injury or request for a jab until immediately before the fight.

We went to MRI and there is a tear in my right shoulder. Trainer Freddie Roach says: I never want to put a fighter into a fight injured that badly but we were happy.

Mayweather, predictably, unmoved and not keen on the suggestion that there should be a re-match. For years people said 'Floyd is scared. Recapping the big news of the morning, Manny Pacquiao's promoter Bob Arum has claimed the Nevada State Athletic Commission refused to allow the Filipino to have an injection into his shoulder before the fight which left him one-handed for the entire 12 rounds.

Arum told the Telegraph: I think Manny is going to need an operation. Pacquiao said the injury prevented him carrying out his plan, which is a relief because smiling his way through losing the first three rounds leaving him to chase Mayweather for the remaining nine didn't seem like much of a plan at the time.

Well, good morning everybody. Clive Whittingham here, blinking in the morning light after the long, long old night before. Mayweather on points - who would have thought it eh?

I'll take your post-fight, pre-breakfast reaction loftforwords on the Twitter, or clive. After watching this fight, how anyone can say Mayweather won this fight on the skill of his boxing could not be further than the truth.

If he is such a great "boxer", why whenever Pacquiao was unleashing an attack did he not "Box" his way out of trouble? The only people who hit and run away are cowards.

I think Mayweather chose his fighting technique of avasive, defensive wrestling with the occasional jab is because if he was drawn into an actual toe to toe boxing match, he would probably lose.

People might think that's untrue and he would have won by doing that anyway People paid a lot of money to see a boxing match between 2 boxers.

Only one of them boxed. Just because you avoid losing doesn't mean you win. This nutshells it, for me. People may not know a lot about boxing, but they know what they like: Email from Ben Lawrence:.

II don't know a whole lot about boxing and that's the first full fight I've seen, but I think the points system must be flawed.

I think it's pretty obvious who should've won when the decision comes through and an entire packed PUB boos. I felt Manny was the winner of this fight and was robbed of a victory.

Just watched in chch new zealand. Admit I dont know much about boxing. But in the school yard if the guy your fighting punches you in the face more than you do.

I am glad to see that others saw the fight and the horrendous decision the way I did. Manny Pacquiao so clearly dominated all of the early rounds that by the end of the 7th round, I felt certain that Mayweather would need to score a KO to win.

Mayweather did not land a single solid punch until the 3rd round, in contrast to the many good shots that Pacquiao got in.

Mayweather swung and missed many times, but most often, he was either running away or cringing against the ropes. The only round that was close to even was the 11th.

The judges returned a unanimous decision that was the exact opposite of reality. I am absolutely disgusted by this!!! Let me get something straight.

FM won fair and square, I agree that FM didn't throw a lot of punched, but when he did throw punches he landed them almost every time.

I think MP is a great boxer but FM won. I am post-fight press conf. Pacquiao, Roach, and Arum here in arena. Pacquiao now admitting that he did have an injured shoulder - a tear -during camp and there was one point at which they might have thought about pulling out.

The shoulder then got better, explained the Filipino fighter. Ian Chadband - Mayweather's technically brilliant, the best pfp, defensive master, etc.

But he'll never stir the blood, nor be loved. Manny Pacquiao's promoter Bob Arum claimed immediately after the fight that the Nevada State Athletic Commission had refused to allow the Filipino to have an injection into his shoulder which left him one-handed for the entire 12 rounds.

Arum told the Telegraph that the Commission had cleared his boxer to have a painkilling injection for the damaged right shoulder - the same injury which Kobe Bryant suffered from - with Arum clearly deeply unhappy about this decision ahead of boxing's richest ever fight.

They carried themselves well when they clinched it was really tight - there were a few minor things I had to tick them off about but they did their jobs.

I'm happy with both boxers. I am trying to find a theme and extract a representative sample. William Asbury's is pretty strong:. Anyone one know if requests for refunds for the "fight" are supposed to go to the home address of Floyd Mayweather or his dance instructor?

Maybe sing us a song? This is truly the worst match ever Congratulation from Thai Boxing camp Thailand It was a good flight but We don't think it's fair decision..

We not standing by anyone side as we know fight is fight Doesn't matter what scored was show but as a boxer " Manny Pacquiao is the winner and he did better than Floyd Mayweather " The game is over but people still keep talking about!!!

Why is Mayweather proclaimed the best Pound for Pound in the world? I didn't see any evidence of that in him jumping around,holding down the other guy and always on the defense.

I wont pay a dime to see the re-match if there will be any. The only thing I got from that fight is that Mayweather is an entertainer in Boxing while Pacquiao is a genuine fighter.

Anyway the fighter was not as great as it was billed most partly down to tactics of Mayweather. Mayweather is NOT a great boxer,only a good one at finding ways to win no matter how it makes the sport of boxing look bad.

No wonder interest in boxing had dwindle since Tyson,Holyfield and Lennox Lewis era. I wont bother watching another boxing match again.

Here is a lovely picture gallery of all the best photos from the fight itself. Well I said it, the worst man won. Boring match tho ey?

No ear-biting or nothing. First boxing match I ever watched in full Steve McDonald nails it with a great, pithy, sharp email.

Mate, you should be a writer. The pay sucks but it's great if you like watching TV and staying up late. I can't see how this is good for boxing.

The experts speak of genius masterful boxing, but the paying layman sees a man running for 12 rounds with minumum output.

The most opulent fight in history swayed too far towards grotesque build up vs on the night entertainment and will push people towards UFC.

I've waited 5 years for this fight but couldn't stomach a rematch. I think the game was fair. They both fought professionally except that FM was few steps ahead of MP.

He got MP played to his style so I think the win was just his. This is why boxing is losing its fans. The scoring is not right.

You should be given more points for attacking than defending. The fact someone can run from a fighter for most of the fight and win is not right.

When I become boxer I will just defend and run and I too can become champion. What did Oliver Brown learn from the fight? Here are his five things.

Pacquiao never threatened to attack Mayweather with the sustained ferocity that has become his trademark.

Trainer Freddie Roach had claimed that he needed to wage a perfect fight to stand any hope of victory, and this was far too flawed a performance to make that possible.

He faded badly in the last five rounds as Mayweather, characteristically, identified his every weakness.

He is a charming and endearing figure, but his subsequent argument that he won this contest did him scant credit. The fight was terrible, by both fighters' standards.

Paquio did not fight like pacman. Mayweather didn't even live up to his standards. I will not watch either boxer fight again; huge disappointment.

Put it like this; de la Hoya mayweather was a better fight and that was bad. Tito de la Hoya was better and that was worst. Floyd Mayweather is the greatest fighter of any era.

He is in my opinion the best fighter of all times. And has one of the most unique fighting styles I have ever seen. Let's get some emails.

Kasey Rose , you have the nicest name, so you can go first:. Of course it wasn't a fair fight. He was kept on the defensive the entire night and got far fewer and far less substantial hits in than Pacquiao.

Mayweather is a total wuss. He holds records for most successful defenses of world titles 27 , most title fight victories 31 , most title fights 37 , and he is after Joe Louis with 23 for most title defenses won by knockout His record was going into his first official loss to Frankie Randalland had an 87 fight win streak until his draw with Pernell Whitaker.

He will never bet this record forever. Sorry but the decision was not really right. Manny is right floyd was just turning back, running back , hugging while punching, thats was so cheating.

Isn ' t it? If they are getting that much money,I want to see blood, going all out brawl kind of things. No playing it safe.

Ram Lal not alone in wishing that they scored boxing by different rules to how they actually score boxing. I think Manny Pacquiao should of won against Mayweather as Mayweather did not attack whereas Pacquiao cornered him several times.

I do not think this is a fair match and I was like to watch a rematch. The discussion on the TV is now switching to whether Mayweather is the greatest of all time.

Undefeated, having beaten every opponent out there. It's easy to make a case that the answer is yes. Julia Ioffe - A friend explains judging in boxing: It's basically like ice skating, except you hit people.

Floyd probably got away with holding and leaning that a different ref could have been harsher on, but Which of the following was NOT at the fight?

Click here to find out in our celebrity fight gallery. The judges had it ,, The first score is too wide, but I don't disagree with I had it Would still like to see a second fight - but not if it takes 5 and a half years.

Here's our boxing correspondent Gareth A Davies's round-by-round verdict. It was a good fight. I got him many times. I saw the punches.

I thought I won the fight. He is moving around, it is not easy to throw a lot of punches. I can handle his power.

He is not strong like some others. He's not bigger than me, the size doesn't matter, I have fought bigger guys.

Obnoxious interviewer, I thought. He's just lost a fight. First off, I want to thank God. I want to think all the fans around the world.

This was a hell of a fight. I take my hat off to Manny Pacquiao, now I see why he is one of the guys at the pinacle of boxing.

I am truly blessed. Manny Pacquaio is truly blessed. I am a calculating fighter. He is a tough competitor.

I had to take my time with him. My last fight is in September. Mike Norrish - Mayweather: Results as soon as! That wasn't a spectacle but there was so much technique there.

They're out for the last round. The fighters hug at the start of it. Perhaps Floyd's feeling well disposed because he's thinking about the rematch payday.

Well, now or never There's a straight left from Manny, but Floyd is dancing out of the way, he's enjoying this, and why not, he's got Pac right where he wants him, this is a gentle cruise home barring disasters.

Manny's corner not looking too happy. Manny gamely coming forward. Both men celebrating at the end. MP needs a big round. Look at Mayweather take the centre of the ring and flick out the jab.

Great left by Floyd. Manny grins after they clinch. How can you not love the guy. Look at Mayweather again. Boxer beating cultured brawler.

But Pacquiao went after Floyd there and chased him down to the wire. All the support for Pacman, but Mayweather toyed there. Both men with hands in the air.

I have Mayweather winning this fight. Floyd tags Manny right from the bell! He's caught Manny there. But soon the fight resumes its pattern: Manny lunging forward, Floyd dancing out of the way.

Manny not throwing enough. One punch attacks aren't going to do it against this counterpunching defensive genius.

Left right combo from Mayweather. Floyd coming out at the start of the winging right hand. It's to get the judges' attention.

He knows it is quite close Mayweather's use of the jab in this fight, to measure his right hand, has been brilliant.

Pacquiao still attacking, landing, still disciplined, which he needs to be. He's often much more aggressive than this. Brilliant defence again from FM.

Mayweather winning the round with movement and single shots. Mayweather may toy with Pacquiao now - MP has to go for it. Come on Manny, up that rate.

First minute of this round is pretty quiet, but Manny has barrelled Floyd into the corner. But Floyd is out of there like an otter slithering out of a pot of melted Nutella.

Manny having a good round though, he is making the running in this one. Mayweather has nullified him. Gareth disagrees with the commentators: It brings the fight - and Floyd - very much alive.

So hard to do, so brilliant. Manny the aggressor, Floyd now in winning on points mode. Not lot of punches landed This is going to be very close. Nice lunging left from Manny gets through.

But apart from that hard-charging spell in round four, Manny's been one shot at a time. Think we could get a fishy decision here though, maybe.

Floyd not exactly looking to knock his man out. It's classy, it's composed - is it a bit bloodless? Will the judges judge it harshly? Great right from Floyd over the jab - great whiskers from MP.

This is a great fight. Savour it - they will go down as greats. Great assasault from MP again. Close round but Pacquiao going for it and very much the aggressor.

Floyd landed only a few single shots. Manny taking some more risks now. Lands a left, swings wildly and misses now. You cannot beat him at his own game.

Pac chasing it in this round but he's not really finding Floyd. Floyd dropping the hands now, starting to large it up a bit, Manny looking the more tired of the two I would say.

It's been engaging and Mayeather's defence has been super, but there have only been sporadic squalls of real excitement.

Floyd back in calm control in this round. Notice that straight right land from the ropes? MP cannot afford to get reckless.

Floyd could knock Manny out as he falls in. Couple of great left hooks from Floyd, That's new in this fight.

Floyd electric defence again, darting away from Manny. He's keeping Manny at distance in this round. Tags him with three jabs. FM has come out looking to dominate and change pattern again.

Lands good right hand. Pacman hunting bobbing looking for left handed attack again. Great left from MP inside the final minute sends Floyd backwards, but he wore it well.

Then a left body shot with 12 seconds remaining from Pacman. Manny ups the tempo again, as he must. And he manages to trap Floyd in the corner and unloads a flurry.

Now he's got him on the ropes, pounding away at the body. Floyd shake his head! Saying, nah mate, not bothered.

Floyd gets back out in the centre of the ring and has sort of taken control again, but until he can actually hurt Pacquaio, he is not going to shut him down.

And who knows how the judges are scoring all this? I reckon it's roughly to Floyd in round at the halfway mark. Serious left-handed assault by Pacquioa, hard, hard shots.

Mayweather reactions are slowing. He's still dangerous with that right hand and right check hook. Floyd needs, and gets, a quieter round. He's inviting Pac onto him.

Manny cannot let the blood get up too much, get knocked out as he charges forward. Manny looking to "box" more in this round rather than the fourth round when he just went at him hard and whaling.

Floyd's supporters will have enjoyed that round much more. At the end of the round, the ref tells Mayweather to keep his punches up.

That assault in the fourth by MP has got Floyd's attention. That round could have gone either way.

Floyd early, Manny late. Floyd back in shell. FM warned for holding and hitting. Closest round so far. More promising start to this round. Manny is throwing at an incredible rate and he has landed a couple at the start of round four.

And now here's a flurry of blows from Manny! And now he's caught him with a right in the cenre of the ring, this is Manny's best few monents yet.

This is more like it for Manny, he's whaling punches on him but Mayweather's defence is very, very good. A huge number of blows but how many of them actually hurt is harder to say.

He was working the body good and hard. That's Manny's round no doubt. Gareth A Davies' verdict: The power of Pacquiao. The left finally lands from Manny.

This place has come alive. Now we have a fight. This is just amazing. PacMan must not get reckless. Off and running again. Manny has barely landed one.

Fight settling into a pattern. There's a shot from Manny though, lunging right that glances. Floyd throws a couple towards the end of the round.

Mayweather stuck Manny with a low blow in that round, it glanced off Manny's glove. This is a slightly more aggressive Floyd than we are used to seeing.

It is working veruy effectively. Great jabs, the occasional right hand. Low blow from FM on MP. Come on Kenny, stronger warning needed.

Good right to the body from FM. Pacman needs to start landing. Needs a clean combo to change pattern of fight. For me, FM winning this easily.

Manny lunges and Floyd tags him. Slight slip from Floyd, but that was just a footing thing. Manny bringing great energy, but swinging wildly.

He's managed to back him into the corner but it's more by wrestling than fighting. Pac like a little bull, head down charging.

Mayweather defence looking impeccable. Crowd are roaring Manny forward but it's like trying to thump a shadow at the moment.

The bell goes and I would say that round was a tie, Floyd didn't really throw that many. Manny threw a lot, but just didn't land.

Manny is humble and has promised to do good with all his winnings so I'm cheering and praying with the whole of the Philippines that he wins.

Buttttt it's likely that Floyd will take it. But Floyd to win. Apart from one combination, Pacquiao is being out moved and that right hand of Floyd's looks so dangerous.

They are calling for Pacman but this is all FM. Mayweather really in the mood. Floyd looking to counter, to stick. Floyd lands his first straight right, bit of snap in that, now back to the jap, Floyd is finding his range really well here.

Two minutes minute in, Floyd looking the more assured. Another straight right from Floyd. Hmm, I am giving that round squarely to Floyd Mayweather.

Nice mention for Roach. Passionate applause for Manny. Huge roar for Floyd too though. The ref has got them together. You are both world champions.

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Auf der Pressekonferenz in Los Angeles gerieten beide Boxer aneinander und mussten von mehreren Leuten getrennt werden. Boxweltmeister im Halbmittelgewicht WBC Grand Rapids , Michigan. Leichtgewicht , Weltergewicht , Halbmittelgewicht. Boxweltmeister im Halbmittelgewicht WBC 5. Dollar, sein Gegner ca. Es wird ein weiterer neunstelliger Zahltag", kommentierte er ein Video, das ihn und Pacquiao bei einem öffentlichen Wortwechsel in Tokio zeigt. Dezember bezwang er den ebenfalls ungeschlagenen Ricky Hatton durch t. In seiner achten und letzten Titelverteidigung besiegte er am Manny Pacquiao gegen Shane Mosley Datum: Spielmacher Schmid verlängert bei den Löwen bis ran. Gekämpft wurde in Mayweathers Sportart Boxen. Im Dezember verteidigte er den Titel gegen Angel Manfredyder bereits wat is het beste online casino der zweiten Runde angeschlagen vom Ringrichter aus dem Kampf genommen wurde. Lennox Lewis gegen Mike Tyson Datum: Alles zu unseren opera spiel Angeboten: Mai Beste Spielothek in Gerhardshahn finden Dollar, sein Gegner ca.

Mayweather Pacquiao Kampf Video

Der Millionenkampf: Mayweather vs. Pacquiao sprengt alle Dimensionen Oktober um Seite 1 2 Alles auf einer Seite sizzling hot deluxe na pc. Boxweltmeister im Halbmittelgewicht WBC Kurz darauf stürmte Mayweathers Onkel und Trainer den Ring und begann einen wilden Wortwechsel mit Judahs Betreuerteam, worauf sich im Ring eine handfeste Auseinandersetzung entwickelte, der vom Sicherheitsdienst geschlichtet werden musste. Floyd Mayweather gegen Saul Alvarez Datum: Oberlausitzer fußball Inaktivität in dem Duell begründete Mayweather mit einer Handverletzung, die er sich im Kampf zugezogen hatte. Dies kündigte der US-Amerikaner auf Instagram an. Der Kroate feiert seinen Preuss schlägt Bernabe Netbet casino app. Mayweather durfte den Kampf durch dieses Mal gespielten Knockout gewinnen, indem er einen Schlagring gegen Big Show einsetzte. All slots casino blog do not think this is a fair match and I was like to watch a rematch Justin Woodburn reckoned Floyd is a bit special though: Soto Karass upsets Macias by majority decision 1d Nigel Collins. The judges had it , What about the loser? Dfb pokal dienstag at Mayweather again. Retrieved March 11, First minute of this round is pretty da vinci diamonds slots for sale, but Manny has barrelled Floyd into the corner. On July 13, Arum issued a July 16 midnight deadline for Mayweather. On January 20,Mayweather spoke directly to Pacquiao via telephone. The power of Pacquiao. Stand by your beds for an exclusive Trainer Freddie Roach had claimed that he needed to wage Beste Spielothek in Kaltenhof finden perfect fight to stand any hope of victory, and this was far too flawed a performance to make that possible. Both sides agreed to enter into mediation on January 7,in hopes of coming to an agreement on the blood testing issue. Kronos slot machine online remained on the offensive, but was unable to land any big punches.

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